Posted on: December 30, 2011 8:04 pm

Whether you like it or not, it's Tebow Time.

Its funny. I've never before seen such a polarising figure in Pro Football. Probably in all of Pro Sports too, except perhaps that of Alex Rodriguez, loved by Yankee fans and hated by everyone else. For some reason, Tebow just seems to find a way to get a lot of people to hate him by just being a good person. That being said, he also gets plenty more to love him in that same way. But there seems to be no middle ground, everyone either loves him or loathes him. For a second year player who plays with a mid-market team that hasn't made the playoffs for so long, you'd think he'd go almost under the radar except in the minds of AFC West fans.

The fact is, I am a Denver Broncos fan. Loved them for longer than I can remember, they've just always been my team. I remember the Elway days, the extreme highs and the extreme lows. I still can easily recall the Plummer days, and when we even had Portis as our HB. So no, I haven't just jumped on the bandwagon ,despite being a FBS junkie more than an NFL fan, for Tebow. That being said, I was a fan of his back when he played for Florida. They were good days and good times. I guess it was just destiny that he came to the Broncos, with Josh McDaniels at the helm and the Broncos ready to flop to another disappointing season.

And that right there is why despite hating McDaniels as a coach, I respected him. He brought us Tebow. Let's face it, Orton wasn't going to get the Broncos to the playoffs. Tebow has the chance to on Sunday night. Since he started, there seems to be a sense of self belief in the Broncos, a spark of morale in the team. There's no longer consistent 4th quarter flops that lose us games, in fact the intensity comes right there and then to help us win games.

There's no doubt that the Broncos' defense has gotten a lot better. Von Miller is definitely the best person we've drafted in a long time. Look at his numbers he puts up! And he's a ROOKIE. He's been in the league one year, and is already the Broncos' best weapon. I haven't loved a defensive player this much since Champ Bailey's prime years. So our defense has gotten a lot better, and Matt Prater has saved our bacon a lot this year, without him we'd be screwed and no one would care about the KC v DEN game on Sunday. (Well Monday where I am). So of course it isn't all Tebow. Our running game is one of the best in the league, our defense has improved drastically, and our O-Line is doing a good job when running the Option, discounting Buffalo, we were committing nearly no turnovers!

So, if it isn't all Tebow, why do so many people praise him, and why do so many people hate him? Usually a hated player is hated because they're so good, so why isn't Von Miller despised by everyone in the AFC?

It's because he's winning games. The QB always gets the credit. But in this case, he really does deserve the credit. Through all adversity he comes through strong, and he still stands true to himself. He sparks the Broncos with belief with his never say die attitude. He's always trying to improve his own game and trying harder than anyone to bring about a win. He never takes the credit himself, listen to an interview, its all about the team, its all about the Broncos fans and its all about God. Its funny how he cops so much hate, yet the most arrogant of all people seem to be showered with love. It's a crazy, messed up world.

At the start of the season, Tebow was voted the most overrated player in the NFL. Oh how wrong they were. Everyone predicted that he'd flop, and the Broncos would be reeling with the Colts right now. In actual fact, he's gone 7-3, and with that a 6 game win streak. And 5 of those 7 came away from Mile High. He really seems like the most underrated player in the NFL, seeing as he's gone well above his expectations, and got the Broncos in prime position to make the playoffs.

There's always gonna be his haters, and as he gets better, which he will, there will be more of them, as he becomes a more feared QB. He might not be a superstar, but he might well be one. But whether you like it or not, its gonna be Tebow Time. And it will be Tebow Time because no matter what happens on Sunday, he'll continue to try hard and continue to have that winning belief. Its impossible to get into his head, which is a big problem for defenses. You just can't get in there, so even if he loses on Sunday and the Broncos miss the playoffs, it will still be Tebow Time, because he'll just come back stronger next season, and ready to make the Broncos great again. It doesn't matter what you believe, its what he believes, and as long as he believes he can win, he'll be a winner, and the Broncos will win games, and as much as you might hate it. It will be Tebow Time.
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